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Norfolk, Freebridge Lynn District, Middleton, Baptisms (Parish Register), 1845

The original records are in the care of the NRO, copies may also be seen at Mormon Church (LDS) centres.

Transcribed by: Pat Mason
Date Added: September 21, 2002
Previous Year: 1844
Next Year: 1846

Surname, ForenameParents No. Notes
THOMPSON, William ShadrackJohn + Eleanor

DREW, Mary AnneRobert + Anne

FOX, SarahIsaac + Sarah

DREW, HarrietJames + Elizabeth

KEMP, MarySarah

LARNE, MarySarah

MARSHALL, Edward JohnElizabeth

YOUNG, GeorgeGeorge + Honor

MALLOWS, HenriettaFrancis + Mary

FLOOD, WilliamHenry + Frances

BARDELL, JohnJohn + Susan

FOX, PleasanceRichard + Elizabeth

DUNN, GeorgeEdwin + Emily

HOWES, EmilyJames + Harriet

BATCH, EleanorThomas + Mary

HANDSLIP, WilliamMatthew + Elizabeth

MITCHELL, BenjaminJames + Elizabeth

ELYARD, Benjamin JohnJohn + Mary

TRANCE, Mary AnneWilliam + Susan

EGGLETON, WilliamWilliam + Maria

WAGG, RobertRobert + Mary Anne

RUST, JaneAbel + Lucy

COLLINSON, Henry ThomasHenry + Alice

BURY, Mary Anne SmithMartha

SMITH, Sarah AnneRobert + Maria

BUXTON, Frederick GeorgeRobert + Frances

ALDERTON, AnneWilliam + Sarah

CAWSTON, CharlesThomas + Mary

FOX, ElizabethJohn + Anne

WALL, Harriet MaryEdward John + Eliza

CHILVERS, ElizabethRobert + Mary

RAVEN, FrancesJohn + Charlotte

KITTERINGHAM, Sarah AnneHenry + Eliza

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