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Norfolk, Freebridge Lynn District, Middleton, Baptisms (Parish Register), 1879

The original records are in the care of the NRO, copies may also be seen at Mormon Church (LDS) centres.

Transcribed by: Pat Mason
Date Added: September 21, 2002
Previous Year: 1878
Next Year: 1880

Surname, ForenameParents No. Notes
RYE, Florence LucyRobert + Hannah

BAKER, EmmaMiles + Sarah Ann

LEWIS, William FrederickJohn Robinson + Eliza

RYE, Jane MariaJames + Mary Ann

HOWES, George ThomasRobert + Hannah

DREW, George CharlesWilliam + Elizabeth

BARRETT, Harriet ElizabethCharles + Ann

BARRETT, CharlesMatthew Thomas + Elizabeth

GAMBLE, George ThomasJohn + Elizabeth

GAMBLE, Robert ReadJohn + Elizabeth

THURSTON, WilliamStephen + Rebecca

THURSTON, CharlotteStephen + Rebecca

CREED, Edward AlfredWilliam + Alatha

SMITH, Henry WilliamFrederic William + Jane Elizabeth

LAWN, Violet GertrudeRobert + Sarah

RICHES, Alice MayWilliam + Mary Ann

FITRICH, CharlesFrederic + Mary Ann

SHAWL, HerbertJames + Mary Ann

BOX, Lucy JaneMatthew + Rebecca

SOUTHGATE, Charlotte ElizabethGeorge + Martha

MULLINGER, EstherRobert + Mary Ann

BARDELL, MaryWilliam + Martha

HARPLEY, Ellen GeorgianaRobert + Maria

HARPLEY, Edith RebeccaRobert + Maria

SPRING, Alice MaudArthur + Clara J

HARPLEY, James WalterJames + Eliza

KETTERINGHAM, Mary LouisaDaniel + Mary Ann

CHILVERS, RobertJohn + Amy

CHILVERS, GeorgeJohn + Amy

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