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Norfolk, Freebridge Lynn District, Middleton, Baptisms (Parish Register), 1881

The original records are in the care of the NRO, copies may also be seen at Mormon Church (LDS) centres.

Transcribed by: Pat Mason
Date Added: September 21, 2002
Previous Year: 1880
Next Year: 1882

Surname, ForenameParents No. Notes
RYE, Lucy LouisaJames + Mary Ann Elizabeth

RYE, Ernest EdwardRobert + Hannah

WHILEY, Robert WilliamJohn + Jane

THISTLE, William HenryWilliam Joseph + Elizabeth Ann

BARRETT, William JohnRobert + Harriet

BARRETT, Elizabeth RebeccaHenry + Fanny Elizabeth

SMITH, Arthur Thomas Holt + Leanna

BOWERS, AliceJohn + Emily

VALENTINE, Edgar ErnestAgnes AM

HUGGINS, Caroline ElizaCharles + Mary Ann

CHILVERS, Millicent TheresaEdward Hall + Mary Ann

WHILEY, AliceJames + Elizabeth

BOWMAN, FrederickCharles + Jane

HILL, Phoebe Annie ECharles + Frances

DENNY, ArthurMary Ann

SMITH, Mabel GEFrederic + Jane

HARPLEY, Jane ElizabethJames + Eliza

STEWART, James WilliamJames + Sarah

ATKINS, GertrudeRobert + Sarah

TAYLOR, Sarah AnnHenry + Mary Ann

SOUTHGATE, CharlesWilliam + Mary Maria

RINGWOOD, Louisa CarolineHenry + Fanny

DREW, JessieThomas + Mary Ann

BOX, Florence AnnMatthew + Rebecca

DREW, CharlotteThomas + Mary Ann

DREW, JohnThomas + Mary Ann

DREW, ThomasThomas + Mary Ann

GOODWIN, DeborahEli + Sarah

GOODWIN, MargaretEli + Sarah

GOODWIN, Jessie LeviniaEli + Sarah

WELLS, George WillieJohn + Anne

COE, Sarah LouisaRobert + Emily

DAW, Elizabeth SarahEliza

MULLINGER, RobertRobert + Mary Ann

DAW, RebekahWilliam + Tacy

NEVE, Mary ElizabethMaria

HAYLETT, Gertrude ElizabethJames + Julia

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