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Norfolk, Wayland District, Little Ellingham, Census Returns, 1841

Document Reference: HO107/785/18

The original census is in the custody of the Public Record Office. It may also be viewed at the Norfolk Studies Section of the Central Norwich Libraryand LDS centres. (film No. 838795). In this transcript the following abbeviations are used: hd=head, wf=wife, s=son, d=dau, Mot=Mother, Fat=Father, gs=grandson, gd=granddaughter, serv=servant, MotL or FatL= Mother or Father in Law, vis=Visitor, brd=boarder. The status abbreviations are mar=married, unm=unmarried, wid=Widow(er). Brief details of address are given after occupation. A plus sign (+) after an occupation indicates that further information is recorded on the original census.

Transcribed by: David Tennant
Date Added: May 24, 2004
Next Year: 1861

Surname, Forename, AgePosition, Status, OccupationBornFol/Page - No.
BOWLES, John, 25Farmer (Church St)

DAINES, Mary Ann, 30Housekeeper

HUBBARD, George, 15M.S

WEBSTER, Elizabeth, 15F.S

COCKING, Daniel, 55Farmer (Church St)

LEBBELL, Maria, 45F.S

CHAPLE, Elizabeth, 20F.S

SKITMORE, Isaac, 20M.S

SPURGEON, Robert, 13M.S

DAWSON, Mary, 85(Church St)

CARSON, Anne, 75

DRAKE, Anne, 48

DRAKE, Ellen, 12

THOMPSON, Phoebe, 50(Church St)

THOMPSON, John, 11

BROWN, John, 60Ag Lab

SPURGEON, William, 35Ag Lab


SPURGEON, John, 10

SPURGEON, James, 5

SPURGEON, Harriett, 2

GEDGE, Thomas, 15Ag Lab

COLBY, Samuel, 50Clergyman (Church St)

COLBY, Caroline, 45

COLBY, Louisa, 40?

COTTLINGHAM, Charlotte, 27


STANNARD, Robert, 40M.S

STANNARD, William, 30M.S

WHILEY, Esther, 40F.S


BUNN, Mary Ann, 18F.S

LEE, Joseph, 40Farm Bailiff (Church St)

LEE, Rhoda, 40

LEE, Benjamin, 15

LEE, John, 14

LEE, Frances, 9

ORVIS?, Robert, 20M.S

ALLISON, Miles, 60Farmer (Church St)

ALLISON, Eleanor, 55

ALLISON, Miles, 30Farmer

ALLISON, Thomas, 15

ALLISON??, James, 15M.S

HOUCHEN, Harriett, 15F.S

CUTTING, John, 80Ag Lab (Church St)

BUNN, Phyllis, 60Housekeeper

ANDERSON, James, 50Ag Lab (Church St)

ANDERSON, Mary, 45

ANDERSON, Susanna, 15

STARKE, Ezekiel, 25Tailor (Church St)

STARKE, Martha, 30

STARKE, Ezekiel, 6

STARKE, Robert, 4

STARKE, Isaac, 3

STARKE, Lydia, 1

STARKE, Emma, 1Mth

HALLS, Thomas, 14Tailors App

THOMPSON, Alice, 60(Church St)

BOWLES, William, 50Farmer (Church Gn)

BOWLES, Mary, 50

BOWLES, Mary, 14

BOWLES, Eliza, 13

BOWLES, Sarah, 12

BOWLES, William, 11

JERVIS, Sophia, 40

DRAKE, Charles, 15M.S

LOVICK, Sarah, 40F.S

WEBSTER, Elizabeth, 15F.S

SPURGEON, John, 70Gardener (Common Ln)

SPURGEON, Mary, 60

SPURGEON, Mary Ann, 40

CUNNINGHAM, Benjamin, 50Ag Lab (Common Ln)


SPURGEON, Stephen, 40Ag Lab (Church Gn)


SPURGEON, Sarah, 12

SPURGEON, Eliza, 10



SPURGEON, Bertha, 8Mths

CRISP, Thomas, 50Ag Lab (Church Gn)

CRISP, Mary, 40

CRISP, John, 14

CRISP, Maria, 11

CRISP, Mary, 10

CRISP, Ellen, 8

CRISP, Jane, 6

CRISP, Thomas, 3

CRISP, James, 3Mths

HALLS, Thomas, 50Ag Lab (Church Gn)

HALLS, Mary Ann, 35

HALLS, William, 20

HALLS, Thomas, 20

HALLS, Susanna, 15

HALLS, Daniel, 14

HALLS, Ann, 12

HALLS, Marie, 10

HALLS, Sarah, 9

HALLS, Robert, 7

HALLS, Charles, 5

HALLS, Jemima, 2

HALLS, Charlotte, 2Mths

THOMPSON, Michael, 20Ag Lab (Church Gn)

THOMPSON, Robert, 10

BEALES, Ann, 75

BEALES, Elizabeth, 40

VINCE, William, 55Blacksmith (Church Gn)

VINCE, Margaret, 55

VINCE, Caroline, 13

VINCE, Emily, 3

RIDER, Sarah, 45(Church Gn)

RIDER, Charles, 21Ag Lab

RIDER, Ann, 15

RIDER, Elizabeth, 12

RIDER, Perry, 10

RIDER, Eliza, 8

HARMAN, Joseph, 45Inn Keeper (Hingham Rd)

HARMAN, Sophia, 35

TOLLMAN, Sarah, 15F.S

JOLLY, Robert, 55M.S

SKITMORE, William, 45Ag Lab (Common Ln)

SKITMORE, Judith, 40

SKITMORE, James, 20Ag Lab

SKITMORE, Jerimiah, 15Ag Lab

BRIGGS, Rebecca, 80

SKITMORE, Nathaniel, 25Ag Lab (Common Ln)


SKITMORE, Rebecca, 2

SKITMORE, Sarah Ann, 6Mths

STARKE, Isaac, 50Farmer (Common Ln)

STARKE, Robert, 20

STARKE, Lydia, 20

STARKE, James, 20Shoemaker

GRICE, Frederick, 40Farmer (Common Ln)

JOLLY, Daniel, 50Ag Lab (Common Ln)

JOLLY, Mary, 45

JOLLY, Harriett, 15Dressmaker

DAWSON, Thomas, 45Ag Lab (Common Ln)

DAWSON, Elizabeth, 45

COOPER, Thomas, 35Ag Lab (Common Ln)

COOPER, Mary, 35

COOPER, James, 15

COOPER, Sarah, 13

COOPER, John, 10

COOPER, Elizabeth, 4

BRUNTON, William, 35Ag Lab (Against the Common)

BRUNTON, Elizabeth, 20

BRUNTON, Alfred, 4

BRUNTON, John, 70Shoemaker

COATES, William, 45Bricklayer (Against the Common)

COATES, Samuel, 20Bricklayer

COATES, Eliza, 15

MATTHEWS, James, 55Ag Lab (Against the Common)

MATTHEWS, Elizabeth, 60

HAYLETT, Edward, 70Farmer Against theCommon

HAYLETT, Mary, 55

BARNARD, Hannah, 25

BARNARD, Elizabeth, 3

VINCE, Robert, 25Blacksmith (Against the Common)

VINCE, Harriet, 25

VINCE, Arthur, 1

SPURGEON, Robert, 30Shoemaker (Against the Common)

SPURGEON, Harriet, 25

SPURGEON, Matilda, 3

THOMPSON, David, 55Ag lab (Against the Common)


THOMPSON, Bridget?, 25

THOMPSON, James, 25

THOMPSON, Jane, 20

THOMPSON, William, ?

KINNEY, Mary, 20

BRUNTON, Bury, 40(Against the Common)

BRUNTON, Rebecca, 40

BRUNTON, Mary Ann, 14

BRUNTON, Elizabeth, 12

BRUNTON, James, 9

BRUNTON, Rebecca, 3

RIDER, Hannah, 50 (Against the Common)

RIDER, Rebecca, 20Dressmaker

RIDER, Thomas, 20Shoemaker

RIDER, Elizabeth, 15

RIDER, Henry, 15Tailor

KING, Phebe, 50Farmer (Against the Common)

FROST, Charlotte, 15F.S

TENNANT, Charlotte, 20

TENNANT, James, 2

TENNANT, Mary Ann, 8Mths

WALKER, Elizabeth, 50 (Against the Common)

WALKER, William, 14

WALKER, John, 11

WALKER, Stephen, 9

WALKER, James, 5

LEE, Robert, 35Ag Lab (Against the Common)

PALMER, George, 65Ag Lab

PALMER, Ann, 60

PALMER, John, 15Ag Lab

GODDARD, Edward, 70Farmer (Against the Common)

GODDARD, Hannah, 70

GODDARD, George, 30Farmer

GODDARD, Sophia, 20

GODDARD, James, 5

GODDARD, Anna, 3

GODDARD, William, 1

MAINS?, Ann, 15FServ

HAYLETT, George, 60Fowl Merchant (Anchor Corner)

HAYLETT, Karen?, 60

EAGLEN, Perry, 20Ag Lab

BUNNELL, Sarah, 60 (Anchor Corner)

BUNNELL, Robert, 20Ag Lab

BUNNELL, John, 15Ag Lab

BUNNELL, Elizabeth, 14

LAST, Ambrose, 50Ag Lab (Anchor Corner)

LAST, Elizabeth, 50

HAZEL, Jerimiah, 65Ag lab (Anchor Corner)

DAINES, Esther, 15F.S

HARDY, Peregrine, 35Farmer (Anchor Corner)

HARDY, Martha, 25

HARDY, Charles, 4

HART, Mark, 20Ag Lab (Anchor Corner)

HART, Jubican?, 25

PALMER, George, 30Ag lab (Anchor Corner)

PALMER, Mary Ann, 30

PALMER, Mary Ann, 9

PALMER, Sarah, 7

PALMER, Rebecca, 3

WADE, William, 60Carpenter (Anchor Corner)

WADE, Rebecca, 50

WADE, Edward, 35Ag Lab

WADE, Priscilla, 4

WADE, Robert Henry, 1

FROST, John, 40Ag Lab (Anchor Corner)

FROST, Elizabeth, 40

FROST, John, 16

FROST, Mary, 11

FROST, James, 9

FROST, Emily, 7

FROST, Hannah, 3

HOUCHIN, James, 50Ag Lab (Anchor Corner)

HOUCHIN, Ann, 35

HOUCHIN, Rebecca, 20

HOUCHIN, B???, 8

HOUCHIN, Diana?, 5

CHAPLIN, Charles, 65Farmer (Anchor Corner)

CHAPLIN, Mary, 60

CHAPLIN, Charles, 30Wheelwright

CHAPLIN, Daniel, 20Farmer

CHAPLIN, Lydia, 15

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