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Norfolk, Flegg District, Burgh St.Margaret & St.Mary, Burials (Bishop's Transcripts), 1766

The original records are in the care of the NRO, from whom copies may be purchased on fiches. The records are also available at Mormon Church (LDS) centres. These records are all either Archdeacon's or Bishop's Transcripts, for which the year runs from Easter to Easter. Burgh St.Margaret is also known as Fleggburgh. Many years are missing, and some of the records are very difficult to read, with some entires completely unreadable. Most of the records are Lady Day to Lady Day.

Transcribed by: Lynda Smith
Date Added: September 21, 2002
Previous Year: 1765
Next Year: 1769

Surname, ForenameAgeAT/BT Notes
an old woman. Year uncertain
HALL, Christopher
an old man. Year uncertain
HURN, Henry
a child. Year uncertain

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