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Parish Listing for 'A'
Norfolk is split into districts. Some parishes have the same or very similar names, but are in different parts of the county. To make sure that you look at the records for the correct parish, we've included the district name in the right hand column, below.

Acle Blofield
Alburgh Depwade
Alby Aylsham
Aldborough Erpingham
Aldeby Loddon & Clavering
Alderford St. Faiths
Alpington Loddon & Clavering
Anmer Docking
Antingham Erpingham
Arminghall Henstead
Ashby Loddon & Clavering
Ashill Swaffham
Ashmanhaugh Tunstead & Happing
Ashwellthorpe Depwade
Ashwicken Freebridge Lynn
Aslacton Depwade
Attleborough Wayland
Attlebridge St. Faiths
Aylmerton Erpingham
Aylsham Aylsham

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