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Norfolk, Norwich District, Norwich St.Edmund, Burials (Parish Register), 1828

Document Reference: fiche 17

The original registers are in the care of the NRO, copies may be seen on film at Mormon Church (LDS) centres. The register was badly damaged in the floods of 1912, and he last to entries of each page are blurred or suffer from bleed through, from other pages.

Transcribed by: Alison U. Ring
Date Added: February 16, 2002
Previous Year: 1827
Next Year: 1829

Surname, ForenameAge No. Notes
GALL, Elizabeth66
JAY, Rosetta68
187St. Peter's Mancroft
TILLETT, Susaninft
188St. Martin's Palace
TILLETT, Eliza18mth
189St. Paul's
TILLETT, Rebeccainft
190St. Martin's at Palace
CHAPMAN, Jeremiah14
191St. Paul's
GRISTON, Hannah19
192St. Paul's
MARIS, Henry7 mths
WHITAKER, Philip3 mths
PLUMMER, James Steward66
195St. Clement's infirmary
HUNT, John5 mths
196St. Clement's
GOOCH, Sarah91
198[out of order]

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