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It is hoped that this site will grow into a large archive of records that will assist genealogists and local historians alike. We have tried to make it as user friendly as possible, but always welcome suggestions for improvement. It is presently based on records relating to the county of Norfolk, England. You will find parish register indexes (baptisms, marriages, death), records of subsidy (tax) and muster. Future aims are to include as wide a base of material as possible. Each document should have a brief description as to what it is, and if archaic words are used that may be unfamiliar, a short explanation will be added.

To help locate each place that is mentioned, a district or area has been added. We settled on the word district to cover several names used to describe administrative areas. For example, from late Saxon times (10th century) until the end of the 19th century, the basic unit of administration in English counties was the Hundred. But from the end of the 18th century onwards, the areas covered by the Poor Law Unions were also important distinctive districts which did not always follow the lines of the Hundred.

So, you will find that we refer to 'Place and District', and where necessary draw a distinction as to the type of district, e.g. Hundred, Union, Archdeaconry, etc.

Finally, the spelling in older records is not at all consistent so do please try to think of all possible permutations when searching for a name.

This site includes photographs - the people who submitted them for use on this website retain the copyright. You may download and print the image for personal use and/or private research by yourself, or on behalf of a friend who does not have access to the internet. Use of the photographs for any commercial purpose without written permission is strictly prohibited.

The records within this archive have been copied as carefully as possible, but we are only human and mistakes can occur, for which we apologize.

Original Documents:
Parish Registers and Archdeacon's Transcripts for most of Norfolk are in the care of the Norfolk Record Office at Norwich. The NRO sells fiches or films of most of the registers and transcripts.

The Public Record Office is the custodian of the census returns for Norfolk and many subsidy, muster and valuation records included on this website.

Andrew Rivett and Geoff Lowe

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The following table is the number of records we currently have in the database.

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Baptisms (Wesleyan Methodists): 817
Banns (Parish Register): 4365
Marriages (Parish Register): 30244
Marriages (Bishop's Transcripts): 6501
Burials (Parish Register): 87407
Burials (Workhouse Register): 517
Burials (Bishop's Transcripts): 16903
Gravestones: 65
War Memorials: 1610
Census Returns: 143797
Musters: 347
Poll Books: 69
Surveys: 318
Subsidy Taxes: 3698
Parish Taxes: 27
Other Taxes: 34
Hearth Taxes: 3062
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