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Norfolk, Erpingham District, Aylmerton, Subsidy Taxes, 1597

Document Reference: E179/152/493

The original subsidy is in the custody of the Public Record Office. A transcript with analyses is available there, at the NRO, NFHS and Society of Genealogists. North Erpingham Hundred is on membranes 9-13 of the original document. It is mostly in good condition and legible. Where an amount assessed or taxed is illegible but can be calculated, the figure has been included in brackets.

Transcribed by: Geoff Lowe
Date Added: July 07, 2000

Surname, ForenameAssessmentTax Paid Notes
REVE, Willm20s - Land

LOADES, (forename missing)20s - Land
EVARED, Simond20s - Land

MAYNE, Robt20s - Land

PAWLE, John20s - Land

JONES, Richard20s - Land

DADE, Raphe20s - Land

JOHNSON, Richard30s - Land

GILL, Peter3 Pd - Goods

DAYLAS, John3 Pd - Goods

LAWRANCE, George4 Pd - Goods
(10s 8d)

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