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Norfolk, Wayland District, Attleborough, Baptisms (Parish Register), 1772

The original records are in the care of the NRO, copies may also be seen at Mormon Church (LDS) centres. Very early registers written in Latin. Although registers in good condition, 18th century copperplate writing can be difficult to decipher

Transcribed by: Wendy Campion
Date Added: August 18, 2001
Previous Year: 1771

Surname, ForenameParents No. Notes
BAKER, WilliamRobt. + Elizath.

HUBBARD, ElizabethJohn + Susan

STUBBS, GeorgeAnn

base born
PLUMPTON, JohnNathaniel + Lucy

PAGE, HannahThos. + Mary

REEVE, MarthaRobt.+ Martha

HEWIT, HannahWilliam + ?

CLARKE?, GeorgeJohn + Elizabeth

COLEMAN, FrancesTimothy + Frances?

STEPHENSON, SarahJames + Mary

CALLOW, Willm.John + Susanna

ORFORD, Willm.John + Mary

?ADDOCK, SusanaMartha

base born
BUTTER, JamesHenry + Sarah

KNIGHTS, MaryJohn + Mary

SMITH, MarySamuel + Mary

HILL, SamuelSamuel + Mary

PINNOCK, Robt.Robert + Sarah

DOWNES, AmyJohn + Amy

HARROLD, Willm.Daniel + Elizabeth

COATS, GeorgeWillm. + Elizabeth

SMITH, AnneSamuel + Sarah

SMITH, SarahRichard + Mary

HOWLETT, JohnRobert + Esther

HALL, HannahDavid + Mary

CUTTING, MaryThos. + Sarah

ANGEL, SarahElizabeth

base born
PONDER?, MaryRichard + Mary

of Besthorpe
WRIGHT, SarahRoger + Elizabeth

LEVERINGTON, RobertWilliam + Mary

FRANCKLIN, AnneJohn Fairfax + Eleanor

GILBERT, SarahJohn + Elizabeth

NETTLE, SarahMary

base born
HOWES, JohnJohn + Hannah

STACEY, MaryJohn + Mary

PITCHER, WilliamJames + Sarah

WOODS, ElizabethJames + Elizabeth

WRIGHT, ThomasinSarah

base born
RICHARDSON, JohnJames + Ann

LITTLEPROUD, SamuelJohn + Mary

UPCRAFT, SusannaThos. + Anne

KEMP, ThomasJoseph + Mary

JOHNSON, WilliamWilliam + Catharine

GATES, MaryRichd. + Alice

CATERMOLE, LydiaJames + Lucy

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