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Norfolk, Forehoe District, Hingham, Baptisms (Parish Register), 1685

Document Reference: LDS Microfilm # 1526135

The original registers are in the care of the NRO from whom copies on fiches may be purchased. The registers may also be seen on microfilm at Mormon Churhc (LDS) centres. Contiguous parishes areSouthburgh, Hardingham, Hackford, Deopham, Great Ellingham, Little Hingham, Scoulton, Wood Rising.

Transcribed by: Bonnie Ostler
Date Added: October 11, 2000
Previous Year: 1684
Next Year: 1686

Surname, ForenameParents No. Notes
BETTS, AnneWilliam + Ann

BALDWIN, EdwardStephen + Mary

HOBART, StephenWilliam + Mary

NORTON, JamesHenry + name not given

KIRBY, RachellRobert + anne

TIPTOE, JohnRichard + Elizabeth BODNEY

COOPER, MarthaJohn + Mary

KEY, Elizabeth + EveAdam + Alice

HYSON, WilliamDaniel + Prudence

SKEPPER ElizabethDaniel + Ann

TUCK, EdwardEdward + name not given

AMAYAS, CharlesFrancis + Mary

BASSUM, FrancesThomas + Alice

HAMMOND, RobertJohn + Elizabeth

HOSTEAD, ThomasErasmus + Mary

DUFFIELD, JohnJohn + Mary

BELOUGH, MaryJohn + name not given

HARRISON, RichardGeorge + Mary

LINCKORNE, ElizabethMargaret

HARTHONA, HannahThomas + Rebecca

HAMMOND, AliceJohn + Alice

CUSHIN, Christian FaithJoseph + Phyledelphia

LURTKMAN, AnneJohn + Parnel

CRACKLY, MaryMatthew + Elizabeth

NORTON, ThomasNathaniel + Mary

HOBART, ThomasThomas + Mary

WRIGHT, MaryWilliam + Alice

TURNER, ElizabethNicholas + Rose

BRETTE, MarySamuel + Susan

RYSON, MargaretRobert + Martha

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