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Norfolk, Loddon & Clavering District, Stockton, Hearth Taxes, 1664

What were they: They were a way of obtaining revenue to make up a shortfall in the Crown's revenue.

Time period: 1662-1689

Exemptions: persons who didn't pay church or poor rates ie paupers did not pay this tax. Persons living in a house worth under 20s a yer. Charitable institutions with an annual income under 100 pounds a year. Industrial hearths eg kilns, furnaces etc but smiths and bakers do not seem to have been exempt.

Who paid it: The occupier of the house. If a leaseholder was absent the landlord paid it.

How much: The Tax of a shilling per hearth was payable twice a year.

Therefore a Hearth Tax assessment is a list of persons, arranged by townships or parishes, which shows against each name the number of hearths in that person's occupation.

Initially only taxable persons were listed in the assessments. This was changed in 1663 and from then on both chargeable and non chargeable persons were shown.

Transcribed by: Marg Keable
Date Added: July 05, 2000

Surname, ForenameAmount Taxed Notes
Rich SMITH gentv

Chr FOX cleriiij

Tho STONE gentviij


Robt SWANNij


Mathew BELWARDiij

Tho STEWARD gentiiij


Francis WACYv


Rich CALVERT gentiiij

Saml PEECHiiij

Dorothy BELWARD widij

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